8800mAh 12cell 87WH Laptop Battery for Toshiba PA3729U-1BAS PA3729U-1BRS PA3730U-1BAS PA3730U-1BRS 3730 PA3730 PA3730U

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Capacity : 8800mAh

Voltage : 10.8V

Battery Cell : 12 Cells

Chemistry : Li-ion

Color : Black

Origin : China

Part Number : for Toshiba PA3729U-1BAS , PA3729U-1BRS , PA3730U-1BAS , PA3730U-1BRS

Fit Laptop Moderl : for Toshiba Qosmio X500 Qosmio X505 Series P500 Series: X500-Q840 X505-Q8100X P500-ST5801 P500-ST5806 P500-ST5807 X500-Q840S X505-Q8102X P500-ST6821 P500-ST6822 P500-ST6844 X500-Q900 X505-Q8104X P500-12D P500-12F P500-14L X500-Q900S X505-Q830 P500-1CG P500-1DW P500-1DX X500-S1801 X505-Q832 P500-1DZ X500-10T X505-Q850 P500D Series: X500-10X X505-Q860 P500D-ST5805 X500-S1811 X505-Q862 P505 Series X500-S1812 X505-Q865 P505-ST5800 P505-S8002 P505-S8010 X500-S1812X X505-Q870 P505-S8011 P505-S8940 P505-S8941 X500-Q900S X505-Q875 P505-S8945 P505-S8946 P505-S8950 X500-Q930X X505-Q879 P505-S8970 P505-S8971 P505-S8980 X505-Q880 P505D Series: X505-Q882 P505D-S8000 P505D-S8005 P505D-S8007 X505-Q885 P505D-S8930 P505D-S8934 P505D-S8935 X505-Q887 P505D-S8960 X505-Q888 X505-Q890 X505-Q892 X505-Q893 X505-Q894 X505-Q896 X505-Q898 Brief Instruction for Use 1.For use a new battery, you'd better try a few cycles of discharging to 5% ,then charging up to 95%. 2.Do not always run out of a battery to 0%,this would make it damaged or usage life shortend. 3.Do not put away a battery for a long time(more than 2 months),this would cause cells inside of a battery losing balance, the battery will not be charged up again or its lasting time shortens,so do charge a battery at least one time within two months. 4.Do not disassemble,crush or puncture;do not short external contacts.do not dispose of in fire or water. 5.Choose correct laptop adapter,if a replacement battery is not charged,perhaps your adapter can not be compatible with it. Payment Methods 1.We just accept payment via ESCROW. Shipping 1.Normally,Items will be shipped out within 24 hours after the payment has been cleared. (Sat. & Sun. & Holidays excluded). 2.Tracking No. will be available. If you do not receive the items,let us know,we will sort you out as soon as possible . 3.Items will be delivered to your address, Please confirm it is correct. Providing your phone number would be better,it is useful for couriers if you r address is hard to look for or you are not there. It is very important that a correct address can avoid delay or item loss, buyers have to pay return shipping cost due to wrong or undeliverable address. 4.We offer global shipping via Registered Airmail. 5.Buyers should consider the customs duty in you country, which is not included in your payment,but we will delare at the lowest price. Returns & Warranty 1.3 years Warranty, money back guaranteed within 30days from the date of purchase. 2.Our warranty does not apply to : a).cosmetic damage b).damage by accident,abuse, liquid contact,fire,earthquake,miuse,or other external causes.c).a product has been disassembled,crushed,punctured,short external contacts. 3.if you receive any faulty items,please let us know as soon as possible.

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Üksuse Tüüp töö
Pakendi Suurus 24cm x 10cm x 4cm (9.45in x 3.94in x 1.57in)
Pakendi Kaal 0.7kg (1.54lb.)
Mudeli Number PA3730U-1BAS
Aku Pinge 10.8 V
Pakett Jah
Aku Maht >5001 MAh
Ühilduva Brändi Toshiba
Tüüp Li-Ion
Tooted Staatus Laos
Brändi Nimi VALENX

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8800mAh 12cell 87WH Laptop Battery for Toshiba PA3729U-1BAS PA3729U-1BRS PA3730U-1BAS PA3730U-1BRS 3730 PA3730 PA3730U

8800mAh 12cell 87WH Laptop Battery for Toshiba PA3729U-1BAS PA3729U-1BRS PA3730U-1BAS PA3730U-1BRS 3730 PA3730 PA3730U

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